Friday, March 23, 2012

Canadian Owned Poutine Truck in LA!

Los Angeles is being introduced to the delicious world of Poutine, and what better way than having it served by Canadians, out of a truck.

Check out the Canadian owned Gravy Train Poutinerie food truck at hot spots all around LA.

Their history:
Gravy Train Poutinerie is the brain child of Tum Cohl and Evan Goldberg's (Super Bad, Pineapple Express) desire to relive their college days in Montreal, where Poutine was a staple meal on the late night walks home from the bar.
After college, both moved from their Canadian hometowns of Toronto and Vancouver to Los Angeles, where Evan began his career in the movie industry and Tum in the music business. While life in LA was pretty good, the two missed home, but most of all they missed their favourite dish, Poutine! Realizing they were not the only Canadians abroad longing for the delicious dish of french fries, cheese curds and gravy, the two began to turn this gastro-dream into reality.
After numerous taste-testing events with both Canadians and Americans alike, they perfected their recipes. From humble beginnings, the Gravy Train Poutinerie first started as a tent, set up on numerous movie sets along with small music festivals, but as of March 2012 they have grown into the mobile food truck industry, hitting the road with their custom designed Gravy Train food truck.

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1 comment:

  1. This sounds awesome.
    I'm from Canada and I loooove Poutine.
    Definitely will try it next time I'm on LA.
    Thanks Tum & Evan.
    Best of luck.