Wednesday, February 23, 2011


Hello Everyone,
My name is David Ivkovic, welcome to my Blog. I am a REALTOR and actor from Toronto.
My wife and I were awarded our Green Cards in 2010 and recently made the big move to LA!
I started this blog as a one stop resource for other Canadians doing the same.
My goal is to help people find a home if they are planning on purchasing real estate in the Los Angeles area, but more importantly offer tips and advice for anyone seeking information on making the move across the border.
From the first stages of acquiring a VISA to opening a bank account and establishing credit, figuring out where to live and understanding the landscape. As well as links to workshops and experts.
This Blog is intending to be an open forum so others who have made the move too, can offer their advice and information, so people reading don’t have to make unnecessary mistakes.
This site isn’t just geared for those in the entertainment industry, it applies to any Canadian seeking employment in the US. It’s a long hard road and you don’t have to be on it alone.
Thanks for reading,
David Ivkovic